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Our People

We are acutely aware that our staff are our greatest asset and go to great lengths to ensure that we engage lawyers who are not only technically capable but also commercially astute, and secretarial/support staff that are accurate, efficient and think matters through. The partners and staff of the firm are dedicated to providing the best available legal advice and assistance in Saudi Arabia and we are constantly seeking to improve our legal service in Saudi Arabia. We are dedicated to quality, service, entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration and collegiality, all of which we offer to you.

Our accomplishments, business experiences, education and interests shape the Firm's culture. They are the key to providing the full range of service capabilities you need by working together as integrated teams with each member drawing from a unique set of talents.

Teamwork is central to the way we work with all our clients and the way we manage our business. We take care to match the expertise and personalities of our team members to your requirements. Our size, combined with the structure of the firm, means that we can guarantee a high degree of partner involvement, thereby providing you with a fast and efficient legal service that is also cost effective..