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We handle a wide range of business law matters for domestic and international clients. We advise commercial entities of all sizes - from start-up businesses, small and medium sized business and to the large corporate enterprises throughout all aspects of their business in Saudi Arabia. Our core areas of practices are :

  • Corporate and Commercial

    Our Commercial Law Practice includes preparation of various commercial agreements including franchise, agency and distributorship agreements, equipment leasing agreements, construction contracts, contracts for the supply of goods and services, hire-purchase agreements, financial and operating leases agreements, asset finance agreements, sale of goods contracts, employment contracts. We involved in structuring Project Finance arrangements. We provided general legal advice to local and international clients on all manner of legal queries relating to labor laws, immigration and other aspects of commercial law.

    We incorporated and registered several local and foreign companies and business names; which involves preparing and filing board of directors and shareholders' resolutions; attending to changes to Memoranda and Articles of Association; preparation of Joint Venture entities and related agreements, share deals, preparation of shareholders' and investors' agreements, private equity funds, buyouts, investment transactions, corporate re-organization and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, strategic investments, debt restructuring, corporate finance and advice, appointing and liaising with receivers and managers of Companies; Capital Market transactions, and liaising with Capital Markets Authority.

    We further provide legal representation and advice related to Islamic Banking; Project Financing, Insurance Regulations; Zakat and Income Tax; Commercial Court, Money-laundering Law and Commercial Papers dispute such as bills of exchange, bounced cheques and promissory notes.

  • Foreign Investments in Saudi Arabia

    The foreign direct investment law in Saudi Arabia, revised in 2000, permits foreigners to invest in all sectors of the economy, except for specific activities contained in a “negative list” that are off limits to foreign investors. We assist investors for the following tasks:

    Establishing and issuing necessary licenses to companies wholly-owned by foreign investors and companies with mixed Saudi Arabian and Non- Saudi Arabian capitals.

    Registering representative offices; giving legal opinion on investors business transactions; drafting contracts; adopting procedures of announcing articles of association; solving disputes; and fulfilling all required procedures before official relevant bodies.

    Providing legal advice; filing statements of claim and statements of defense related to violations of Foreign Investment Law.

  • Agency, Franchising and Distributorships:

    We help foreign and local suppliers in conducting due diligence research in selecting agents, distributors and franchisees for their products and services. We advise in the negotiation of the terms of the agency agreements and the requirements of local commercial registration.

  • Intellectual Property Rights – Trademark, Copyright, Patents

    We provides a comprehensive and integrated array of legal services in the areas of patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, outsourcing, computer, technology, software, restrictive covenant and franchise law.

    These services include obtaining protection, registrations, amendments and renewals with respect to all types of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, service marks and trademarks.

    Drafting declarations, filing of Contests and Appeals, filing statements of claim and statements of defense for infringements of patents, copyrights, trademarks, unfair competition, and trade secrets.

    Giving legal advice to Saudi importers to help avoid violating the provisions of Import Regulations; Commercial Data Law, Commercial Adulteration Combating Law, GCC Common Custom Law.

    We also litigates and provides advice about disputes involving the protection and enforcement of rights in patents, trademarks, copyrights, confidential information and trade secrets, technology, covenants not to compete, and other intellectual property. We have significant experience in prosecuting and defending copyright, trademark and patent infringement cases.

  • Employment and Labor

    We have wide knowledge of the Labor Regulations in Saudi Arabia which enables us to provide a wide range of legal consultations that protects your rights whether you are an employees or employer and represents you before the relevant committees for settling labor disputes. To help you to address workplace legal issues most effectively, we:

    Presents innovative solutions to today’s complex labor, employment, and benefits law challenges;

    Delivers our services of the highest possible standard, based on prompt, personal attention to each client;

    Provides insights that keep you updated on new employment law developments and trends; and Offers deep experience in the areas of litigation, employee benefits, and other related laws.

  • Debit Collection

    We can help your business to collect on the debts owed to you. A variety of professional services are available to aid a business in getting debts collected. The direct intervention by our law firm results in greater recovery of outstanding accounts receivables and bad debt.

    When needed, we can sue your debtor. In addition to the litigation we will execute the judgment. We are very aggressive in our approach and we will help to bring the legal ramifications of non-payment to bear against your debtor.

    In many circumstances, the fear of prompt and substantial legal action results in recovery of outstanding obligations without suit becoming necessary.

  • Taxation

    Our firm gathered experience in auditing and accounting firms and we offer tax services to our clients with a sophisticated legal approach. We provide tax advice on a wide variety of complex transactions and financing techniques, as well as thoughtful and experienced representation in obtaining rulings and other guidance from tax authorities and in resolving tax controversies.

    Our services include assistance to clients in fields of tax planning for the purposes of operational models or transactions providing education and opinion on applicable taxes and regulations.

    We also offer litigation services before administrative courts against taxes, fines or measures imposed.

    Accordingly, we have extensive experience on a wide range of issues in relation with taxation. We can offer businesses and individuals to structure their revenues and operational models to become more tax efficient.

    VAT compliance services

    We have experience in dealing with VAT related matters from across numerous business sectors. No matter the size or industry we are able to provide reliable and professional advice and support to ensure sustainable VAT management and compliance. We have the in-depth knowledge of local best practice, technology and processes.

    We can assist you with VAT Registration, Fiscal representation, Filing Returns, Payment on Return Submission, VAT Recovery and support you in maintaining compliance with: Registration thresholds, Invoicing, VAT treatment, FX rates etc., Local bookkeeping standards and Support for tax inspections.