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We provide results for our clients. Our fees are calculated on the basis that the results provided pay off for our clients. Our services are usually charged according to time spent. Given the leaner administrative costs of our firm, our hourly rates are rather competitive, particularly in comparison with the major law firms. We are flexible. Please feel invited to address the topic of fees.

There are many kinds of legal fees set in many ways; most of the various fee arrangements are discussed are as follows

Fixed Attorney Fees

Will most commonly apply in situations such as the drafting of an agreement, or reviewing documents or proceeding with any kind of procedural works.

The Hourly Fee.

An hourly fee is just what it sounds like. In other words, the attorney keeps track of the time spent on a particular person’s case, and multiplies that by his stated hourly rate. If it is agreed that an attorney will charge an hourly rate, we will also to request a fee called a “retainer” up front. A retainer serves as a sort of deposit, or a partial payment to have claim on the lawyer’s time. In this case, we will send periodically a statement, detailing the time spent and the money owed up to that point. It is also important to know that the final fee will likely include additional costs. These will be things such as photocopies, long distance telephone calls, travel expenses, and other costs incurred by the attorney on the client’s behalf.

Contingency Fees.

A contingency fee is different from fixed fees or hourly rates because it is based on a percentage of an amount of money recovered by a judgment or settlement.

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