Khalil S. Khazindar is the founder and managing director of the law office of Khalil Khazindar. Mr. Khazindar established this firm in 2008. As an attorney, Mr. Khazindar practices in the firm's commercial and litigation area. He has several years of experience. Mr. Khazindar’s legal experience includes advising clients on formation of limited liability companies in several sectors, formation of branch offices and professional companies, preparation of several types of contracts, advising on labor matters, litigation of disputes involving complex claims, negotiation and termination of distributorships and other aspects of Saudi law. His detailed biography is the following: 

Experience / Representative

•  Drafts corporate documents such as memorandum of understanding, articles of association, shareholders  agreement, joint venture agreements,    distributorship agreements, etc.

•  Represented Saudi and foreign corporations to incorporate their businesses in Saudi Arabia under the Foreign  Investment Law.

•  Represented several labor cases related to unjustified redundancy for senior positions in banks, hospitals, and  large corporations.

•  Represented clients in civil cases related to debt collections up to US$ 20,000,000. Represented an  international aid organization in suing senior    employees    for their unjustifiable actions that caused damage in the  amount of 30 million US dollars.

•  Represented Saudi families for setting up social endowments exceed more than 30 million riyals.

•  Represented a dealer in connection with a claim that termination of a distributorship agreement was not for  cause or that insufficient cause existed for    termination. The matter was resolved by paying compensation of 2  million Euros to the dealer.

•  Represented cases related to commercial paper disputes and claims (bounced cheques, promissory notes, etc)  that exceeded 1 million US dollars.

•  Represented a client in a dispute concerning a leasing agreement for heavy equipment which claims more than  US$ 150,000.

•  Represented cases related to investment agreements in real estate and other sectors in Saudi Arabia with claims  exceeding 7 million US dollars.

•  Represented various cases related to the rental and leasing agreements of real estate properties; claiming  ownership of properties and property dispute     exceeding almost 2 million US dollars.

•  Represented a Saudi company before the lower and upper levels of Custom Committees.

•  Represented private clients in various cases such as divorce, custody of children, and alimony claims.



       Arabic & English

Education / Qualifications:

       Bachelor of Law – King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


       Admitted to practice in Saudi Arabia per the license obtained from the Ministry of Justice No: 48/29.


       Tel: (9662) 4204763
       Fax: (9662) 4204729
       Mobile: (966)505649708

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