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MCI warns buyers of counterfeit products sold online


RIYADH: The Ministry of Commerce and Investment cautioned consumers against counterfeit products sold online and urged them to report any such practices.

Warning against selling or marketing fake or counterfeit goods, the ministry said: “Since this act is considered a violation of the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and Trademark System, it may lead to penalties of up to three years in prison and fines of up to SR1 million ($266,645).”

In the statement, the ministry also called on owners of e-shops and social network marketers to register their trade activities with its free e-service platform Maroof, which will ensure credibility of the traders’ activities and products, and protect the rights of buyers. Marketers are urged to make sure that the party selling goods has a commercial registration or has signed up through the e-service.

The portal provides an evaluation of services and the quality of e-stores in the Kingdom, and presents the opinions of dealers and clients on such stores.

“This e-service also gives the seller an opportunity to market their electronic shop online within various Maroof platforms,” enabling online store owners to add all their social media accounts, their website and contact numbers to their page with Maroof, which makes it is easier for buyers to access and contact them, according to the ministry.

The service preserves the rights of consumers, making it possible to lodge a complaint in case of any commercial fraud, by contacting the ministry’s consumer call center (1900) or through the application of a commercial violation report via smartphone.
Maroof is a free electronic service and takes only a few seconds to sign up to the website: www.maroof.sa. According to the ministry, the number of stores signed up, so far, with the e-service has reached 15,000 electronic stores.
RASHID HASSAN | Published — Tuesday 20 June 2017 Arabnews