Notice Regarding Phishing Scams

Dear Visitor,

We value your trust and want to make you aware of a recent incident.

We learned recently that there is an email circulating purporting to be from Khalil Khazindar Law Firm claims you are beneficiary of certain amount as per our client’s instructions. This email is not from our firm and what it claims is untrue. The email is an attempt to trick visitors/customers into visiting a bogus website and providing sensitive personal and financial details to Internet criminals. If you received a similar correspondence, please note that the email did not originate from Khalil Khazindar Law Firm, and the link will not direct you to Khalil Khazindar Law Firm’s real web site. DO NOT click on the link nor respond to this email, and be sure to delete the email immediately. If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact us.

Due to the increasing risk of identity theft, Khalil Khazindar law firm is providing you with this notice regarding phishing scams. Phishing is a fraudulent activity in which one attempts to obtain sensitive information by masquerading as a trustworthy institution. These attempts are typically carried out by an email containing a link to what appears to be an authentic website. These counterfeit sites prompt you to enter your personal information, which the thieves can then use to access your accounts.

Once again, note that we will NEVER send an email requesting sensitive information or providing any information related to our clients. If you receive a suspicious email request which identifies Khalil Khazindar Law Firm, DO NOT RESPOND and notify us by calling (9662) 6647032 or

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